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Convenience Store Program Elements

  • Convenience stores will acquire an annual subscription to participate in the Erlybird Incubator, LLC Convenience Store Program (the “Program”). Under the Program, each participating convenience store (a “Participating Store”) will pay Erlybird Incubator, LLC an amount equal to the monthly subscription of either $50, $60 or $70 (amount selected) to support the Erlybird Incubator program and Erlybird innovators; this subscription will automatically renew for successive periods of 12 months, unless terminated by either Erlybird Incubator, LLC, or the applicable Participating Store. Erlybird Incubator, LLC will continue promoting store to complete 12-month cycle. Terminating store will pay Erlybird Incubator $50, $60 or $70 for each month remaining in the 12-month cycle.
  • Participating Stores will provide feedback to guide ideation, product development, and business development in general which may help to connect innovators with local resources.
  • Participating Stores will allow college innovators to promote and market products made by innovators and showcase innovator products and businesses at their stores where and when appropriate.
  • Erlybird Incubator, LLC will market and promote Participating Stores’ participation in the Program through its website, social media and other channels, including through promotional videos about the Incubator program, providing visibility for the Participating Stores.
  • Participating Stores may, in certain circumstances, be able to participate in potential revenue sharing and equity opportunities based on their level of involvement with college innovators.

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